Recently, I have been reading a book on Discipleship and been struck by the idea of kairos moments which refer to an event that has happened in our lives that leads us to change or react. My favorite Bible verse is 2 Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!

I have been blogging since 2010 albeit with little consistency. I have been led to begin this new blog in order to offer some of my experiences in ministry and to hold myself accountable to what I am learning and teaching. As ministers, we spend so much time teaching and mentoring people that we forget to get fed ourselves. Despite my difficulty of hearing a sermon the same way as a “regular” congregation member, my wife has challenged me to dive back into the Word – not as a pastor but as a student (as a disciple).

I cannot proclaim to be a perfect person. I have tons of imperfection and tons of sin. Recently, my past sins confronted me, and I was challenged about my faith in Jesus. This was not a challenge of if I believed in Jesus, but whether I was “in Christ.” The Bible teaches us that there are people, including myself, that say “Lord, Lord” and do not do what Jesus says (Luke 6:46). At the age of 6, I accepted Jesus as my Savior, but over the past 20 years I have not fully lived into being a new creation. I have lied. I have cheated. I have coveted. I have lusted after the things of this world. I wanted to control my own future.

It is hard to admit all this, and I have no idea what the ramifications of this confession will be in the world. I know that right now I do not care. I am trying to repair my relationship with God, and from there I have faith that other relationships will be restored.

With this kairos moment now staring me in the face, I am reminded to turn to God. I am reminded that God forgives. God shows mercy even when we do not deserve it. However, God’s grace is not to be taken for granted as so many of us do including myself. God’s grace is something we should be living into everyday. When we are in Christ, we are a new creation. The old way of life is gone and the new has come.

Brothers and sisters, Satan is lurking in this world, and evil is rampant. It is crucial that we get right with God, and make sure we are seeking to be a new creation and living into His power and His Spirit. Remember, it is only through God that we have strength to fight these wars. My prayer as I begin this new blogging endeavor is that it helps me become a new creation in Christ, and that you might be challenged and encouraged in your own spiritual wars.

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