Have you ever participated in a watch party?

You know. One of those events where a bunch of people gather at a specific location at a specific time to watch some specific show/event/game.

Yesterday, I was listening to the radio to one of the Major League Baseball play-off games and a commercial came on advertising that you could book a watch party in the team’s home stadium. You and your friends can get together, go to the ball park, sit in the stands or a suite or even on the field and watch the game on the jumbotron!

Watch parties are not new, but they are evolving considering the time in which we live.

As a youth minister, I have read a lot lately about having watch parties with students. Not in-person watch parties. Virtual watch parties.

The idea there is to select a movie, pop your own popcorn, gather your own snacks and sodas, and set up a group chat.

Then at the appointed time, someone types in the chat “1-2-3 start the movie.” Then you can talk to each other in the group chat throughout the movie just like you would if you were together.

My problem would be is I like to pause the movie for various reasons (mainly to analyze some random detail that wouldn’t be plausible). This is fun for me, but apparently annoying to everyone else (just ask my wife).

This idea of a watch party can be a lot of fun whether in-person or virtually. And it reminded me of another watch party…

In John chapter 20 verse 26 it says, “After eight days His disciples were again inside, and Thomas with them. Jesus came, the doors having been shut, and stood in their midst and said, “Peace be with you.””

After Jesus’ death and resurrection, His disciples had been hiding from the Jewish leaders. The verse above was Jesus’ second appearance to His disciples. The disciples were having their own watch party, but not for the resurrected Lord (at least the first time). They were hiding. They were scared. They were doubtful.

But then Jesus showed up. His showing up rocked their world again. And ultimately, in Acts chapter 1, Jesus promises them the Holy Spirit and they return to the confines of a room and await this gift.

Sometimes watch parties are in fear or dread about some upcoming event. Most watch parties are more celebratory and exciting.

What kind of watch party do you have going on? Are we anticipating the resurrected Lord? Or are we afraid of the outside world that might challenge us/attack us for standing with Jesus? What if we looked at our Sunday morning worship experience whether in-person or online as a watch party for Jesus?

I encourage you this week to be watchful for the resurrected Jesus to bless you and give you peace. (And I might be looking for another win for my favorite baseball team – insert Tomahawk chop here).

Anyway, I was just thinking…

P.S. Next week I will be posting an I Was Just Thinking… Throwback in memory of what would have been my dad’s 64th birthday on October 16th.

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