My Story: At the age of 6, I put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior through the guidance and example of my parents. Most of my life I have been in and around church, but still kept some areas of my life away from God. At age 19, I realized God had something more in store for my life, and at the age of 21, I committed my life to full-time Christian ministry. My desire is to be a disciple who makes disciples who make disciples, to serve the local church, and share the Gospel throughout the entire world.

About Kris: I am currently serving as the associate pastor and student minister at Mineral Baptist Church in Mineral, VA. I have served as a mentor and pastor to students since 2009. Over the years I have had the honor of serving in missions education, pastoral ministry, resort and leisure ministry, pulpit supply, as well as a revival speaker, retreat speaker, and camp pastor. I am passionate about being a disciple who makes disciples who make disciples. I am a student pastor, speaker, athletic coach, and beginning blogger. I live with my wife, Kendall, of five years, and our two golden retrievers: Marley and Mowgli.

Why this blog?

While my primary focus and responsibility is with Mineral Baptist, I want to utilize my experiences, lessons learned, and knowledge of students, ministry, and faith to help create meaningful content and insights  for other believers and ministries.

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