History of IWJT

“I Was Just Thinking…” originated over ten years ago as a small town newspaper article written by the Rev. Dr. Billy Hutchinson for the Brunswick Times-Gazette in Lawrenceville, Virginia. Known to many as Pastor Billy, I called him Dad. Throughout those ten-plus years, this article has reached people throughout the globe.

My dad passed away on Easter of 2015, and the article ceased to be written. However, beginning November 1, 2017, “I Was Just Thinking…” was relaunched.

All the “I Was Just Thinking…” posts will appear on the home page. As posts are made, they will be categorized as “I Was Just Thinking” where readers can click the drop box at the bottom of the page and see them all together.

In memory of my dad there is also a category titled “IWJT Throwbacks” which are original articles that he wrote over the years. These articles will appear 3-4 times a year.